Friday, July 10, 2009

A UFO becomes a WIP

I made a promise to myself that I would complete some UFO's that I have sitting in my sewing room. I haven't done as well as I had hoped this summer on that task.

However - this little bunny table topper has now changed it's status from a UFO to a WIP. Last Easter I made the aqua/brown/pink one for myself. My daughter saw it and said she would love one too. So, I started working on it for her with the idea that it would be a nice little birthday (JULY) present. Well - I had the bunny face all cut out and had the yellow/lavendar/pink fabrics all cut and ready to sew. But then decided my pink was too light, so I set it aside and worked on other things. Yesterday I went to The Pin Cushion and bought some darker pink Fairy Frost fabric and spent the afternoon actually putting the topper together. I even got the fuzzy white face all appliqued and embroidered. There are little black buttons for eyes.

Now it needs to be hand quilted with love and bound in more pink Fairy Frost - and then I can give her this very late birthday gift. I may need to offer the pick of which one she wants.

Today is the last day of my vacation time and I haven't made very good use of it. We didn't go anywhere and I've worked a couple of hours most every day, which is mostly my fault unfortunately. Dave has also worked a few hours each day, but he has also played A LOT of golf during these 2 weeks. I haven't even played much golf. I did go to Sioux Falls on Tuesday with some friends for a fun girls day - shopping, lunch, shopping, supper. It was a terrific day for us all!

So for my last day off, today I'm going to sew and then we have a 4:16 tee time at Lakeview Golf Course with another couple to be followed by a cold beverage of some kind.

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