Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hill City - Part 2

If you are ever in the historic Black Hills town of Hill City there are a couple of places I would highly recommend for a great meal.

The Bumpin Buffalo is a bar and grill that serves up great ribs, cold beer, and tons of other items in a smoke-free environment. The Buffalo sports a huge old carved wooden bar and a tin ceiling. Great service too!

My other recommendation is the Alpine Inn, which is really a fixture in Hill City. At lunch time there is a full menu. At night the only choice you get to make is how BIG the steak is on your plate. The evening menu is restricted to a steak dinner with all the usual sides (baked potato, salad, etc.). But come early and plan to wait for a table at this popular location. It's worth the wait.


  1. Doreen , Houston, MNSeptember 14, 2010 at 7:20 PM

    Spent last Sunday at the Hill City Outdoor Quilt show. FABULOUS!!! Ate at Desperados and had very good food and service. Had planned on the Alpine Inn but they are closed on Sundays, I guess. Have had many noon meals there at other times. Very good! Perfect weather a huge PLUS for the day. Kudos to all who contributed!!!

  2. Love the Alpine Inn. Spaetzle and the desserts!