Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Star Struck

I have a huge library - of regular reading books and also of quilt pattern books. But I just had to add another volume to my quilting libary. This arrived in the mail on Monday and it has some gorgeous quilts in it.
Stars are one of my favorite quilt designs and you will be "star struck" by the artistry of this designer.
It inspires me . . . but now I need to make some time to try one of these star quilts. But it will be hard to decide on just one of them.


  1. Love stars! I collect "too many" knitting books, too, so understand the addiction. Made me wonder if you ever made anything from the Australian quilting design book I gave you awhile back? WOJO

  2. You'll be 'seeing stars' by the time you decide which one to I totally understand about having a library of reading and whatever I'm into books... mostly gardening and craft stuff like mosaic art and concrete art and yard art. I've had to cull some as I've been downsizing and it sure is tough.

    Looking forward to seeing some 'stars'!


  3. can't wait to see what you make from this