Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sewing & a triathlon

I took Friday off and spent most of it sewing. No finishes yet,but I had lots of fun working on several small things. I made a couple of gift package blocks made with pieced boxes and appliqued ribbons. I pieced these from leftover scraps from my stash.

However, yesterday no time was spent in my sewing room because we did a little road trip. My husband and I drove 90 miles to Yankton to meet Jerilyn & Darin. During the drive down (and home again today) I worked on the blanket stitching around my gift blocks. One is done, and a second one is partially done.

While in Yankton, Darin joined us on Fox Run Golf Course for 18 holes, while Jerilyn relaxed and then went to pick up her registration packet for today's triathlon. She - along with a couple of friends - competed today in her first triathlon! My daughter is much braver than I was at her age. The girls (ages 29-37) all finished with better times than they expected. It was a gorgeous day for swimming a quarter mile (it was about 55 degrees when they hit the water), biking 14 miles along the Missouri River, and then running 5K along the Missouri.
They all were pretty excited - and already planning for next year - following the event. Jerilyn is the short one on the far right.


  1. wow, you hand stitched the blanket stitching, way to go, I can't do looks great

  2. Beautiful stitching Sara and I love the package it its big red bow!