Sunday, July 31, 2011

Amish house update

I have 5 of my House blocks completed and all 7 of the other blocks are ready for the miniature Amish quilt section. 6 of the finished blocks will be grey houses and the other 6 will be brown houses.

These tiny quilts are 6" square finished size. That means the pieces are really tiny. They are difficult to hold straight as I feed them through the sewing machine. Some are pretty easy, but some are looking kind of scary. And I've reached one of the scariest of the set.

My next house block's mini quilt section is kind of a pineapple block with tiny little corner sections. I refuse to allow myself to skip it and just leave it for last because I am afraid it could become a UFO if I do that. So it may take me all week to actually cut and sew that one, but I'm determined to have it done.


  1. They are too cute. Did you draft the patterns? Amazing!

  2. Your blocks look great and I admire how well you've done with the tiny blocks.

  3. oh my gosh! I love your houses with the little quilts. The colors are gorgeous....good job!