Saturday, July 30, 2011

Attempt at organization

What do you do when your sewing room begins to look like the scrap bin has exploded? I decided it was time to do something about the messy collection of scraps that is threatening to take over my space. I really hate throwing away fabric scraps so unfortunately it was either do something now or buy a much larger bin.

So I pulled some of the bigger pieces from my scrap bin this morning and cut some 5" charm squares, some 3.5" squares, and some 2.5" squares. For a few months I've been cutting 1.5" postage stamp squares from the ends of binding strips and other little scraps. And I've been collecting narrow strips (2" or less) to use in some string blocks. I've made a small dent in that scrap bin and it feels good to tackle the mess even if it is small

These squares are going into labeled plastic shoeboxes and when I have enough to use in a scrappy quilt they will find a home. I'm making no promises about those postage stamps however.

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  1. Good work! I am trying to take control of my stash also and since I am a scrap quilt type person, I have been doing the same thing. Cutting, sorting. Unfortunately, I also love string quilts, so I have also been keeping odd shaped strips too! Fortunately, the postage stamp bug has not hit me. I hope I am immune. If I start collecting 1 1/2 inch squares, I won't be able to throw out ANY scraps!!

    Deb from