Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Swap block received

Look what the mailman brought me on Saturday! I joined a block swap recently and this was my first month to be involved. My partner was Jen from Pennsylvania. Thanks Jen - I love this block!

The rules with this swap include being able to specify a preference. Jen wanted a log cabin type block in batiks. I sent her one in blue and green.

I specified black and white with a bright accent since I've been having some fun with that colorway lately. Jen did a great job meeting my expectations. This block will fit perfectly into a black/white/red quilt top that I recently pulled from my UFOs to work on again. It is a sampler, but set in a very non-traditional setting. The blocks are random sizes and shapes, with a narrow black sashing. I had been making practice blocks for various Saturday Samplers and other projects a couple of years ago. These practice blocks were then being added into this quilt top - and this new one is perfect to jump start this project again.

1 comment:

  1. What a beautiful block. I went back and looked at the log cabin block that you sent and the batik colors are yummy!

    What a fun thing to do.