Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Block 12 for Saturday Sampler

Over the weekend I finished block 12 of my Saturday Sampler in both colorways. I'm doing the "official" block in a traditional colorway that has lots of soft dusty aqua and rose and browns in it. It's not my usual choice in colors, but it is turning out so pretty.

The second one is just coming out of my stash and using black and white as the base, with a bright accent added for fun. This is more my usual taste and I am really liking this one too.

There is ONE more month in this sampler and that will add a "half" block to each row. I have my rows all pieced and ready to set in the last sections for both quilts. It's so exciting to see the end in sight. And I'll have TWO quilt tops finished!

It's funny how different the two quilts are turning out even though the pattern is the same. That is the magic of quilting, isn't it?

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