Thursday, February 9, 2012

Need some design help

Now what should I do with this quilt project?

The first issue with this quilt top is that it does't lay flat. Some of that problem can be solved when it is quilted, but it worries me. The cause is that the blocks are not all the same size. I won these blocks, and there were some of the 15 that were definitely smaller than the 12.5" unfinished.

If I had tried to make them ALL smaller, then the star points would have been cut off on the larger blocks. I couldn't live with that. And ALL 15 blocks are too pretty to spoil.

So I stretched and ironed out the smaller blocks. The 2 smallest ones I've saved to use in the pieced back. And I sewed scant seams on the others when I put them all together. But . . . it has made for some pulling together in the middle.

The second issue I have is that I think it really needs some borders. I have enough of the snowflake fabric I used in the cornerstones to add a border. Should I add 2 borders? Should I add a pieced border? I need some ideas and I just know I need to "live" with this top a while longer to figure it out.


  1. I think I would add a border of the dark blue and call it good. I wouldn't try to put a pieced border on as you then have a lot more seams to contend with and the quilt is already pulling. I think it is easier to fudge a non pieced border when quilting. It's a beautiful quilt and it's too bad that the blocks weren't all the right size, but it's amazing the amount of quilters who do not check their seam allowance.

  2. yes, looks great

  3. I would add a dark blue border and then a white one. I'd bind it with the dark blue again. I love the top, I bet it will quilt out beautifully.

  4. narrow blue, narrow white, blue binding--yup--I agree.

    Have you been cuddling your Mason? I sure miss mine....sigh.