Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Fat Quarter Stars - Terrain block #11

Block 11 in the Fat Quarter Stars quiltalong is called Fractured Star. It turned out beautifully.

However - I made this block twice due to a big mistake I made.

It looked kind of tricky, so I read, measured, cut, laid things out and then double checked to make sure I had it right. Should have triple checked!!!

I've been making these blocks in 2 fabric lines. And I managed to mix in one of the "warm" colors from my other fabric line when I put this block together. So then I took it all apart to replace those pieces rather than just remake the block from scratch. And my reason was that I had used the last of that blue dot in here - and I really, really wanted it in this block.

But it was worth the 2 and a half hours this whole process took. The block turned out beautifully.


  1. Is there a place we can find this pattern?


  2. second that... pattern and dimensions would be amazing, you did a beautiful job!

  3. Where can I get the pattern for the fractured star? I am obsessed with stars! Thank you.

    1. You may have to try to Google that name. It was on a blog back in 2012 when I made it. Sorry I couldn't answer directly but you have a "no reply" setting.

  4. It's 2018 and I see how far back the admiration for this star goes! I am just now getting to these pages and this Fractured Star is a beauty. I will look for the pattern or try to make it! This particular combination is really beautiful. Linda in Indiana