Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Another layout idea

HMMM - how about mixing up 2 sets of WIP blocks and make an even bigger quilt?

I had this crazy idea that maybe I could put those elephant blocks in with the bowties to make a more colorful (and bigger) quilt.

So I ran down to my sewing room to get a couple of the elephant blocks. I did a little figuring, and tried a couple of options. This could work. Now I am really excited to make a couple more elephants and finish the bowties so I can finish this layout.

Sammy seemed to think some blocks are not in the right spot and just had to do a little rearranging.


  1. I really like the elephants with it, Sara:)

  2. Hey! That's a great idea! They look awesome :)

  3. How come the assistant thinks he knows best?
    Lovely combination there, looks like a winner to me.
    Enjoy making these fun blocks.

  4. Putting the elephants with these bowties just make the whole quilt go from good to GREAT! I love the colors. It's really pretty.