Sunday, March 11, 2012

Half way - give or take a few

Since I had limited time to sew today I forced myself to work on some existing project instead of following the temptation to cut into something new.

I have been plugging away on these little bowtie blocks for months now without making much progress. I would get bored and just set them aside.

They are all being cut from the charm squares I received when I participated in a "rainbow" charm pack swap. There were 112 unique charm squares in 8 different color families. I've added a few additional ones since then to try to even it out to 120.

Anyway - today I got 25 bowties put together. The total is 51 completed bowties. I have the parts all cut and ready for 8 more and maybe I'll find a little time this evening to finish those. And that leaves the much smaller pile to still work on. It does feel good to make a dent in that seemingly endless stack of charms.

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