Wednesday, May 9, 2012

UFO list

How many UFO projects do you suppose the average quilter has laying around? How many do you have? I worked on finished some of these projects during the last year, but unfortunately there are still many to go.
I've been working on a list of my personal UFOs and it always scares me when I do this. I think of the money invested, and the time invested, and the space invested. Yikes!!

Here is what I've come up with in the last few evenings of contemplation:

  1. Cream block set (blocks are done, I like them, but what to make?)
  2. Snowman table runner (top is done, needs quilting)
  3. Boxed Squares (blocks are half done)
  4. Rail fence (20" squares are done, needs to become something)
  5. X-Blocks (blocks are done, needs to become something)
  6. Flannel sampler (blocks are done, partially put together with the sashing)
  7. Red, white, black sampler (needs more blocks)
  8. Count On It monthly mini quilts (need to finish Dec., Feb., Aug.)
  9. Purple Dresden plates (too much purple involved in this one, maybe add some golds?)
  10. Dr. Seuss baby quilt (cut out and ready to sew)
Every one of these projects has been set aside with a reason. In some cases I finished the blocks but don't know what to use them for. In others (purple Dresden plates) I decided I didn't like it as I worked on it. In the case of the flannel sampler, I just hate sewing on flannel. 

Adding these projects onto my WIP list is really overwhelming!   So . . . now what? I need to pick something from this list that I feel would be easy to finish and JUST DO IT.  How about alternating my projects - finish a WIP, then work on a UFO. A girl needs a plan, right?

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  1. oh gosh, i'm certain my list is longer than that..