Sunday, July 29, 2012

Storage idea

Instead of sewing yesterday I needed to tackle some clutter again. I have a guest bedroom that doesn't get used very often and therefore it tends to collect things that it shouldn't. The bed was collecting wall hanging and table runner sized quilts. In piles!

And the dresser drawers had collected "stuff" - of all kinds. This old dresser is a shabby chic treasure that my daughter Laura painted when she was in high school. It has 2 big drawers and 2 small drawers, glass drawer pulls, and a lovely decorative mirror hanging bettween upright curvy posts. I love this dresser!

I completely cleaned out both of the big drawers yesterday afternoon and have turned them into neat "quilty" storage.  My fall and winter themed wall hangings and table runners are in the bottom drawer. My spring and summer ones are in the upper drawer.  They are all carefully rolled up.  I had a few small items that could lay flat as well. 

The bonus is that I've pitched a bunch of junk, and sorted some other things into a box to donate. It feels good!

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