Thursday, September 27, 2012

Stilettos - but not shoes

I saw a bunch of these online - sewing stilettos made from turkey laces and beads.  The perfect tool to keep your fingers out from under the needle when sewing.

I bought a package of turkey laces - not easy to find this time of year - and then dug through the beads I had. The tricky thing was finding beads with the correct size hole.  My choices were limited, but I think they turned out pretty cute. I may make more of them.


  1. Okay, Sara, I'm going to ask a stupid question but consider the source...

    How do these keep your fingers out from under the needle when sewing? Forgive my lack of knowledge but encourage my wanting to learn...


  2. LOVE this idea may have to try my hand at these

  3. I think they would be great also for ironing those little applique pieces when you don't want to put your fingers by the iron but need to hold onto that applique piece.