Sunday, February 10, 2013

Traveling Stars

My regular readers know that my quilt guild has a tradition that when a members travels and visits a quilt shop they bring back a 6" square of fabric back for each member. The fabric usually has some kind of connection to the location.

I've been making star blocks with my 6" squares and this morning I finished 2 more. And I have the background and star points cut for another 6 of them. These 2 were from a member's trip to Door County Wisconsin and represent some of Wisconsin's best products: cheese and cherries.

Thanks ladies! I love this tradition. I added a traveling square to their collection this month. Pierre was the furthest place I've gone this winter so far because of my crazy work schedule. And since Valentine's Day was coming up, I brought everyone a valentine print 6" square.


  1. What a fun and interesting tradition.

  2. What a great thing to do... and an excellent "excuse" to scout on local quilt shops while on the road!