Friday, March 29, 2013

Love-Hate relationship

I love the feel of these fuzzy backing fabrics especially for kids' quilts. But I HATE binding a quilt with the longer fuzzy fibers! This one is turning into a pain in the butt today. The fuzzy fibers keep balling up on my thread, causing knots. As I trim the excess away everything near me is covered with black and white fuzz. I may never buy a long fibered backing again. I'm sure the end result will be great, but getting there is painful.


  1. I made some cowls out of the fuzzy fleece for Christmas gifts, and once I finished, I vowed NEVER to use it again for ANY project!

  2. Gosh, that does look fuzzy! I know I'm too late now with this suggestion..... but maybe if you sewed the binding onto the back first (with your machine) and then flipped over to the front for the ha nd work or more machine work, you might not have to deal with all that fuzz ! ?? It sure looks like a lovely bright quilt and as a friend once said to me "don't worry, there are only ever four sides of a quilt to worry about!" she's right!
    Have a Happy Easter,