Saturday, February 1, 2014

Disappearing Pinwheel

Today's demonstration at Heartland Quilters Guild was on the Disappearing Pinwheel, done by Mary T. She made this clever process look so easy that I had to go home and give it a try.  And it is so fast and simple.

Not the best photo, sorry.  

It's hard to believe this block starts with 10" squares.  Sew around the outside then cut diagonally twice. You end up with 4 HST that you use to make a large pinwheel block. Then cut that block equally into thirds both vertically and horizontally. You have 9 sections.  Next step is to spin the outside blocks to make a churn dash with a little pinwheel in the center.  This was so clever. I had done the Disappearing 9-Patch before but this is even more fun.  

Thanks Mary!


  1. Missed guild on Sat. Thanks for sharing this Sara. Cindy T.

  2. I just saw the Missouri Star video on this block, but I haven't tried it. Good to know it is as easy as it looked.

  3. I saw the Missouri Star video too and have been asked to demo at our guild.