Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Blocks for random projects

Weekend sewing was pretty limited, but I worked on some random things.  The latest pink RSC15 block is Bear's Paw and it is done. This was a fun block to choose pinks for. I wasn't sure just how much contrast I wanted between the star points and the paw points, but I'm glad I went with lots of contrast so they really stand out.  So - we have 2 blue and 2 pink blocks so far.

And while waiting for my daughter and granddaughter to come for a visit on Sunday I also made a couple more of the Traveling Stars blocks.  I can't remember where the leafy print came from but the dice print is one I will be sharing with the guild members from my Vegas trip back in January. I forgot to take the 6" squares to our February meeting.

Funny how these blocks are nearly the same sawtooth design. But the RSC blocks use flying geese for the star points and the Traveling Stars is made from half-square triangles. But it's the same basic block. 


  1. I really like the design of your pink block. I haven't seen that one before. Your colors work really well!

  2. Your piecing is so precise Sara. Tell me your secret to getting those perfect points! Love those pinks.

    1. Precise cutting and pressing helps a lot. And when sewing those flying geese onto the center I lay the goose block on top so I can see where the seam crosses to make sure my new seam crosses it.

  3. Love the pink block. Which technique do you like best for the star - HST or FG?