Sunday, February 8, 2015

Sunday Stash report Feb 8

The stash is still ahead and my Sunday Stash report isn't terribly different than last week. I really need to get a quilt bound in order to remove some bigger numbers. And I do have 2 quilts to bind.

  • In this week:  1.5 yards
  • In this year:  30.25 yds
  • Out this week:  5 yds (pillowcases)
  • Out this yeear:  19.25  yds (corrected my math from previous weeks)
  • Net for 2015:  -11  yards   (stash is still winning)

Not much sewing this week except for small spurts.  And none this weekend because of having other kinds of fun - basketball games, guild meeting, and today I get to spend some time with DD1's family. 


  1. What a sweet photo - I love the broad smiles and the look of wonder. It's a precious image.

  2. Now that's a happy snowman! And what cuties with him! :- )