Thursday, February 5, 2015


Notice the wonky quilting here? UGGG!  This was my attempt at free motion quilting and I need a LOT more practice.  It is the back of a table runner that has been sitting in my UFO pile for 2 years. After making a mess of about 1 square foot of quilting I set it aside.  This week I decided to pick those stitches out and start over. 

This makes a good TV watching activity and I'm down to a section about 5" by 10".  Then I can make a new plan for finishing.


  1. I don't do well wih free motion quilting. I do better with stitching in the ditch.

  2. Sara, when I took a FMQ class, the instructor suggested practicing on the inexpensive felt squares you can buy in the craft stores. It isn't the exact same feel as using a quilt sandwich, but it really helps to get the feel and the motion of FMQ. I am not very good at anything other then the meandering stitch, but it does take time and practice. I look back on some of my first attempts and cringe, but it's a learning process!

  3. I'm planning to start working on my FMQ in April (after I make a dent in my UFO Collection). Keep practicing!