Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Mommy's little helper

This little doll is Keira Jo and she is only 2 but she loves to help her mommy (my niece Melanie) in the kitchen.  So I made her a couple of aprons.  Melanie told me she keeps changing back and forth between the red one covered in sheep and the yellow one with chickens and other farm critters.

Keira's cousin Sophia (my oldest granddaughter) turns 3 next week and she is getting an apron too. This is FUN sewing and as close to garments as I'm likely to get right now.


  1. She's adorable and will have fun wearing that apron out! You stitched some wonderful memories for Keira Jo.

  2. So very cute! It is always such fun to hear homemade gifts are being happily used, isn't it?