Friday, November 20, 2015

First snow

We are getting our first snow of the season this morning and can expect about 4 inches here.  Yesterday my lawn was just as green as it was in August and today that green is hidden. It looks so quiet and pretty out there.

I have to admit that I actually like snow. Shoveling that snow isn't my favorite thing, and I'm also glad I don't have to be on the road today in this snow. The school I would have been in today is cancelled which is good - because I have a nasty case of pink eye and look absolutely dreadful.

My left eye is swollen nearly shut and as my eye got worse over the past few days it has cut into my reading and my stitching as my eyesight is a little blurry. This makes me appreciate having good eyesight in normal circumstances.

I went to the clinic yesterday and have some eye drops to use 4 times a day for a week. Hope it clears up a lot over the weekend because I have to be in schools Monday-Wednesday next week and no one wants to look at this face.


  1. I just scooped 4 inches of snow off the drive and walks. I don't mind snow too much when I don't have to go anywhere.

    Sorry to hear about your eye. I'm sure the drops will get rid of the crusties and the weeping soon. I'm glad that you have the weekend to rest and heal.

  2. I live in South Dakota, about an hour west of Sioux Falls. We ended up with about 6" of snow today but on the west edge of Sioux Falls they got 16". Very pretty but it sure makes the roads dangerous. My husband spent 8 hours driving home today from eastern Iowa. Glad he is home safely finally.

  3. No snow here. I do hope we get some sometime this winter. We need the run off to fill the dugouts this spring:)

  4. Your deck looks like our Sara!! I am so sorry to hear about your Pink eye and hope it gets better soon!