Saturday, November 7, 2015

OK - I got distracted

I've spent the past couple of hours in my sewing room and yes - I got distracted. On the bottom shelf of my bookcase are more than  a dozen years worth of these books, beginning with 1987.  They were published each year by Oxmoor House and contain some wonderful patterns, quilt designs, and photos.  I was actually looking for a block pattern for a house or cabin, but found so many other fun things to look at. This one has a great applique cabin block but it's too big so I'm debating about sketching up a smaller version.

I did get some sewing done too, including adding one set of borders onto a group project. My task is to finish the top this weekend and I have 2 more sets of borders to add. Pictures coming tomorrow or Monday. 


  1. I also find many "rabbit holes" to fall into when I search through books and magazines.

  2. We are on the same quilty wave length today. I spent 2 hours this morning looking through old quilt books and magazines for something unique. Din't find it, but it sure was fun seeing the old patterns that so many call new these days.

  3. I am the Queen of getting sidetracked!'s worse now than when I was younger...I was looking for a particular fabric, and ended up re-folding all my shirt fabrics..geez.