Sunday, March 27, 2016

Sunday stash report - March 27

Happy Easter!  

I forgot all about a Sunday stash report the past couple of weeks. Maybe that was my way of avoiding the addition of new numbers to the "in" column. I've made some purchases, but it's been mostly background, borders, backing, or binding fabrics. I needed those to finish some projects, right? 

As for the "out" column, I've finished a couple of small things. The 3-D Pinwheel table runner was a finish this week. And I have the Dresden Plate quilt top ready to be quilted. That makes 2 child sized quilts hanging in the closet, ready to quilt and bind. 

And this baby quilt will go to the quilter this week because I will need to finish this one and mail it to the new mom and daughter. And now that I see the photo, I think another dark chevron at the bottom would balance the design better and won't be a problem for the length. Back to the sewing room to cut and sew a few more HST for that last row. I am counting 3 yards for this top. 

In this week (actually 3 weeks): 8 yds
In this year: 25.75 yds
Out this week: 7.5 yds
Out this year: 42 yds

I am still ahead of the stash!


  1. Love this chevron! Chevron is one of my favorite quilts.

  2. You've got a LOT of projects on the go!! Good luck with getting them all together. Will you be working with ORANGE scraps this month, too? If so, have FUN!!

  3. Love your method of tracking the stash! Trying to keep some balance is a challenge for me as well.