Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Sunflower and Crops

I broke down and made the Crops block from Farm Girl Vintage to go with the sunflower block.  And of course after I finished them both then I saw my mistake in the bigger block. The darker colors of the leaves were supposed to be on the bottom. Oops! My orange leaf is upside down. I may just leave it alone - unless that OCD part of me decides I MUST fix it.  And now that I look at the photo I see more clearly how crooked that bottom section is. So I might be picking this one apart after all. 

This week I want to catch up with the Facebook group and get the Kitchen Window and Baking Day blocks done too. But who knows what the week with actually bring in terms of sewing. 


  1. I didn't notice any problem with the fabric placement, and it looks good to me.

  2. Such cute blocks! I agree with the comment above... they look good to me!

  3. I pulled out my book and fabrics and hope to get the baking day block cut out today. I've been busy sewing mini granny square blocks.

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