Tuesday, April 12, 2016

More blocks

Two more Crown of Thorns blocks joined that lonely yellow one last night. Plus I have a purple one cut out and ready to go. And a green fabric pulled from the scrap bin for another. These blocks are 15" square so they should add up quickly to make a top large enough for a bed.

These are going to be part of my RSC16 fun this year. Blue was the January color, with a touch of purple. Purple was the March color with hints of yellow, so those will be caught up once I get that purple block done. Orange is this month's color with black, but I have a dark grey that I think I'll use instead.  And I still need to dig into my scraps to find a brown and a pink for February. Green hasn't actually been used yet, but it jumped out of the scrap bin at me, so it's in the mix.


  1. I really like these blocks! Your quilt is going to be beautiful!!

  2. This block is perfect for the RSC16 challenge. I love the blocks you've completed.

  3. Oh these are pretty! I need to get moving on something for RSC16 this month yet...