Thursday, March 30, 2017

Good eyesight

I know I've always taken good health for granted my whole life because I've most had good health. But when my eyesight started to be impacted by cataracts - much too young, right? - it definitely got my attention. And it certainly was affecting my quality of life in a negative way.
So, today is the day! This afternoon, the cataract in my right eye will be removed. Then in 2 weeks, my left eye will be done too.  Can't wait to have clearer vision again. I'm not sure how much quilting will happen in the meantime, but I'm optimistic that I'll still be able to sew even before my new glasses. Maybe just not much small handwork.


  1. You will be so happy when your eyes are done. I couldn't believe the difference. However, I still need my glasses for reading, sewing, needlework, etc. Good luck!

  2. I'm heading in that direction, too. My doctor said they aren't bad enough for the surgery.

    Everyone I've known who's had the surgery is happy with the outcome.