Friday, May 19, 2017

It's a start

The messy sewing room has been breached!  At least one spot has been.  I have a huge antique dresser with the 2 little drawers on top and in our previous house it lived in our guest bedroom with 2 antique crystal lamps sitting on the little drawer sections. 
In this house the dresser has always lived in my basement sewing room but I had never unpacked those lamps. After 11 years it was time, right?  Interesting find in the box with the lamps - 2 old wooden clocks, one made by my father in a shop class in high school in the 1930s.  More about the clocks another time.
This the BEFORE view of the top of the dresser. It had become a landing zone for junk things I was too lazy to put away or to use.  I had almost covered up my thread basket. Yikes!!
I also hung up a wall hanging quilt that I made about 20 years ago. It hung in our living room in the other house but has been folded up in a drawer since moving here. The patriotic fabrics were some of my favorites, but the navy blue had faded after several years of hanging. I decided I don't care that it's faded because I really love it.  Notice the prairie points?  Guess I loved them back then too.

The thread basket was sitting alone on the top of the dresser once I got it cleaned off, but I have put back my small Ott light and another small project basket.  Let's hope I can stop myself from piling stuff up around this again.

And you can't see it but the lid is back on the grey tub of stuff, with the scrap bins on top.  So some of the mess has been sorted, used or disposed of, and contained for now.  Better yet - there is 1 less box of "stuff" in my storage area.


  1. A beautiful clean-up and the patriotic quilt is perfect for the spot!

  2. Great job getting it cleaned up. I have a couple spots like that in my sewing studio, the ironing board, the cutting table, and my grandparents cedar chest. I usually get them cleaned up once a month, so I can get things back in order to sew again.

  3. The lamps, dresser, and wall hanging were made for each other and make a nice focal point for your sewing room. The prairie points caught my eye immediately.

    I tend to pile things everywhere in my house - a bad habit that is hard to break.

  4. I agree with Tired Teacher. Looks great, Sara! And it's kind of neat, 'faded glory' in a way. No need to retire that quilt. Remember grandma's (pink?) hurricane lamps that shook overtime a train went thru Renville? Reminds me of those.

  5. The clean up starts with one corner at a time. Your dresser looks beautiful with your lamps, thread basket and wall hanging above it.

  6. Keeping my sewing room "clean" is a constant job. Ugh! It looks like someone set off a bomb! Your patriotic quilt is beautiful!

  7. Hi Sara,
    Great job! I love the prairie points. I think I missed making them the first time around when they were so big, so I welcome them on new projects. The dresser looks great, and it should make you smile when you go by it and can enjoy how wonderful it looks. ~smile~