Thursday, January 7, 2010

I'm home - finally

The only New Year's news at my house other than -40 degree wind chill tonight, is that my health has taken a big hit.

The short version. On the evening of Dec 29 my husband took me to the emergency room with severe abdominal pain. Turned out to be a perforated colon. So I had surgery shortly after midnight. I now sport a brand new - and temporary - colostomy and a 10 inch open incision in my abdomen. The incision is open to allow infection to NOT be trapped inside - so I've been told. Enough of the gross stuff however.

I am finally home as of yesterday and will be taking off the entire month of January to recover. So far the first couple of days have been long and exhausting just moving around the house. A HUGE thank you to my husband who has waited on me hand and foot since I've gotten home. I've taken my good health for granted for much too long, and find it rather frustrating that just the simple act of taking a shower is so exhausting. Today I slept about 3 hours on the sofa.

I'm hoping that by the time the weekend is over I'll have enough energy to start doing a little sewing each day. I didn't even have any handwork projects laying around that I could play with while sitting in my rocking chair. Bummer!

Some of my readers have already posted well wishes since Sylvia posted about my surgery on her blog. Thanks so much to each of you. I got to read them in the hospital and they were definitely a mood brightner.

OK - I'm out of energy already. I won't be writing much in the next few days, but I will still be reading all of my favorite blogs.


  1. Oh my gosh Sara! :-o Gentle {{{hugs}}} to you! Hope you have a few good books to get lost in because daytime TV is not entertaining. ;-) Sending lots of good wishes!

  2. poor sara, my husband had this happen 3 months before we got married, he was 28....he recovered perfectly and you will as well.

  3. Sorry to hear about your surgery and hope you will recover fast. Take care.

  4. Goodness... how in the world did that happen? Here's prayers for a speedy recovery. And warm quilts and good books. And lots of rest to help you mend.



  5. Hope you get to felling better soon, take the time to rest cause YOUR worth IT! love the snow flakes but then blue is a favorite color GOOD HEALTH in 2010!

  6. Oh, Sara.. you HAVE been in the wars. It's fabulous to have such a caring and attentive husband, isn't it?! Good luck with your recovery.