Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday sewing

Not the best photo for showing off my Kansas Trouble block - for our 2010 Saturday Sampler. I love this block in spite of all of the little pieces involved. I've chosen the pink and brown color way for this year's sampler projects. And unlike previous years, this time we have all of the fabric for the whole year provided in the first month, along with a photo of the finished blocks. That is kind of fun too - guessing which one will be next.

I'm still working on the hand quilting for my valentine runner, and have about 3/4 of the quilting done. I may be able to finish it today if I keep at it. I have a cute pink and white diagonal stripe to use for the binding.

I've added a couple of photos below to show my process. Since I'm only quilting in the white areas, I'm marking it with a purple disappearing pen. I love these pens, except for when I'm working on darker fabrics. I use a snap together plastic frame. This one is only about 11" square, but I have a larger one too. I love having the ability to smooth out the layers as I move the quilt around in the frame - which helps keep all of the layers nice and flat with no ripples.


  1. Love your block. The quilting looks great too.

  2. pretty! hey, howcome you haven't posted a photo of my gift table runner? it's beeyooteefull. Julie

  3. Hi Sara
    I was spending some time this evening looking through your blog and spotted this...possible Schnibble? I'd love to see the whole quilt once quilted by hand. Looks very pretty!