Sunday, January 9, 2011

Saturday Sampler top is a WIP

The 2010 Saturday Sampler "show 'n tell" was this past Saturday morning. I did not have my quilt top finished to show, but I got to see a lot of inspiring projects.  Every year it amazes me how the quilts all turn out unique even though the blocks are the same. 

Today's project was to begin putting my top together since the blocks were done.  I have sewn together all 4 horizontal rows with 3 blocks and 4 sashings each.  Here are 2 of those rows on my design wall.

I have the bottom sashing row sewn together, and have all of the long pieces ready.  But I still have to make the rest of the 9 patch cornerstone blocks.   I have 15 of them left to do.   Maybe I'll have the top done by the end of this week if I get to do some sewing during the evenings after work.


  1. that looks the colors

  2. I LOVE those colors!

    It is amazing how everyone's quilt looks different, isn't it?

    I think a piece of us goes into each quilt.