Saturday, January 1, 2011

UFO goals for 2011

I'm not a person who usually makes New Years resolutions.  But I've been working on a list of quilty UFO's that need finishing and decided that MAYBE if I put them in writing, then I might actually remember to finish them.

So here is a partial list - in no particular order . . .

  1. 2010 Saturday Sampler quilt (pink & brown blocks).  I have my December block left to make, then decide on a layout.
  2. bindings on the 5 quilts that I had quilted at the Pin Cushion.  I've picked up 4 of the 5 so just need to get the bindings on.  (Hip Holiday wall hanging, yellow & red Day & Night lap quilt, Frolic quilt, pink/black/green Hearts 'n Stars quilt, Christmas friendship block exchange quilt)
  3. hand quilting/binding needed on Jerilyn's wedding signature quilt
  4. Summer friendship block exchange quilt (still need to decide on a layout for this one too)
  5. Blue & white star block quilt.  I have 2 different layouts that I'm considering. I may show both and ask for some feedback before making that decision.  I won these 15 blocks at the November Saturday Sampler session.
  6. selvage basket blocks need to "become" something.  The big question is . . . how many should I make? Do I turn it into a wall hanging or a quilt?
  7. snowman table runner
  8. fruit table runner
  9. reversible apron
  10. bag using the Laurel Burch cat fabric that Sylvia gave me. The pattern is pinned on - just need to actually work on it.
  11. Schnibbles project using a charm pack I'd been saving for spring (last year)
  12. Dr Suess quilt - this was started as a baby gift for a baby who has already arrived.  It needs to be finished and gifted soon!
  13. Package quilt (purple/black/aqua) - this one needs to be taken apart and the dark purple sections replaced with the new black fabric I bought.  I shouldn't have let myself be talked into that purple! UGLY!  But it has some potential.
  14. French braid quilt (the hard part has been done over a year now - just need to put the braids together with sashing, quilt and bind)
OUCH - this list is longer than I thought it would be and I'm not even done yet.  I'm starting small - working on binding one of the 4 quilts at the top of the list.


  1. You are brave to write it down. I'm not that brave. Looks like you have lots of fun ahead of you!

  2. I don't want to write mine down, i'm scared. haha