Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A glimpse at Quilts & Vines

These just a few of my favorite quilts displayed at the 2011 Quilts & Vines. This pink self-portrait was particularly intriguing. My aplogies for the bad angle - but I was shorter that the vines this quilt was hanging on. It is done with applique and what I would call "thread painting".

This blue and white quilt was actually for sale. Each year there is one section with quilts that are available for sale. Since we didn't get there until about 12:30 I'm sure we had already missed the best bargains.

This was my favorite children's quilt. The animal manes were 3D and the colors were just wonderful.

And this quilt honors a family farm. It was pieced and appliqued both. Lots of little objects could be found that added dimension - such as the weather vane button and the overalls.

Shoes, shoes, shoes! Isn't this one fun? Appliqued high heels. And each shoe was unique. The great border and backing fabric added to the whole impact.


  1. Sara, thanks for sharing. I was so bummed when I went to the fair without my camera, so many beautiful quilts to show! Love the ones you shared here!

  2. I didn't get there this year and for once it wasn't so hot and humid like it was the last few years. Maybe next year. Thanks for sharing1