Saturday, September 3, 2011

A whole rainbow of charm squares

What would you do with a charm pack with 112 different fabrics in 8 color families?

A month or so ago I signed up for a rainbow charm pack swap and my rainbow arrived in the mail this week. Each of 56 participants was assigned a color family. We bought a yard of 2 different fabrics in that color and cut 56 charm squares (5") of each to send to the swap hostess.

That means we each got 14 squares in each color family. I won't show them all right now, but here are the orange ones. YUM!

Orange, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Pink, Aqua, Purple.  I can't wait to start a project with all of these.  I have a pattern picked out, but have promised myself that my Amish House quilt top will be complete before starting this new project. Maybe I'll get to cut into these on Labor Day Monday . . .


  1. I would say yummy! I am liking orange more and more and those are beautiful!

  2. Oh wow, love the swap idea! October 2011 American Patchwork and Quilting has a great pattern for color families called "Now and Later". They used 30's repros but I can see your swap being perfect.