Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Bells & stars

Just a quick post show off the progress on my Moravian Star. I'm getting very close to the finish line.

I added small jingle bells to all of the indented areas. And I have all of the sections made - the last 2 "star-let" sections will go on tonight to the second half. Then I just need to put the 2 halves together.

We had about 11 hours of driving in the past 2 days so I should have taken this with me in the car to finish. But I was so afraid I would crush it by accident.  So it was waiting for me when I got home last night.  Back to work today, but I think it can be done in the next evening or two.


  1. Just LOVE this, and the bells are GREAT! I'd like to try one, I love paper piecing but the dog ears on those diamond shapes drive me nuts! Really enjoy watching this come together!

  2. These are great! And I've been enjoying watching slow come about into a finished project. So cool. You used great fabrics too.