Monday, June 18, 2012

Moravian Star

I took a fun quilt class at The Pin Cushion this evening on making Moravian Stars.

These 3-D stars are done with fabric over cardboard, and are a variation of English paper piecing. The diamonds are about 1.5" wide, and there will be 60 of them. The star will end up being a little bigger than a grapefruit.

I really like doing handwork, so this has been fun so far.  I think I need to add little round bells inside each section since I'm using Christmas fabrics.  I have two sections made and have 10 more to go. The little cardboard diamonds are all cut and ready to go, so at least that step won't slow me down.


  1. Sara, your start is going to be really lovely! I've done a woolie tutorial and have my YouTube links posted at my blog to share. Check it out....

  2. I was given one of these 40 years ago and often wondered what it was and how it was made. Sadly my friend washed it before giving it to me because it was dirty and had been found at a swap meet. So the points rounded a bit. Still love it though!