Friday, February 15, 2013

Unproductive day - so far

My original plan had been to work from home today since many schools are closed for an extended President's Day weekend, including the building housing my office. But you know what they say about "best laid plans". . .

I took some things downstairs to my sewing room to put away, and stepped in . . . water! There is a down spout that runs right next to one of the window wells in my sewing room and we have discovered over the years (the hard way) that if we leave off the extensions to that down spout it is a big problem. The rain - or melting snow in this case - runs off the roof, into the gutters, and pours down that spout to collect in that very spot. And then it seeps into the wall and runs onto the tile floor in the corner under my cutting table.

If the extensions are on then it doesn't seem to matter how much water comes down, my sewing room stays dry.  But guess what? The extensions are laying under a small drift of snow next to the deck. Not connected in any way to the house!! And since we got 10" of wet snow this week, and then had bright sunny days to melt it from the roof, there was plenty of water running down that spout . . . and into my sewing room.

So, much of my morning has been spent mopping, sopping, and complaining. Now I have a load of wet towels in the washer and the floor seems to be staying dry for now.  But since it is snowing again, and the extensions are still not connected, who knows what tomorrow may bring.


  1. Oh dear... I really dislike having home troubles! We had an unexpected Christmas "present" when the motor in our water well burnt out. And the week before that we had a shower where there was none from upstairs plumbing. Fortunately our good friend is a contractor and knows exactly who to call if he can't fix it!

  2. I'm glad you discovered the water before something was damaged.