Thursday, July 11, 2013

Doing the math myself

Do you sketch out blocks you see and like - and try to figure out how they are made? I've always enjoyed doing this, especially when I haven't found the patterns I wanted locally.  So here is my draft of the popular Swoon block. Now I'm doing the math to eliminate some seams and combine some small sections into larger ones.  For some crazy reason I find the process very enjoyable.  Next step is to make a practice block and see if I got it right.


  1. Yes, I do this, too. I also use crayons to see how specific fabric will look.

  2. I have the Swoon pattern and still re-designed it to use the Lazy Girl Flying Geese ruler. It's more difficult to remember how I cut them all out, but in the end I enjoy the process more. I pin a lot of quilts just for this reason. I plan to figure out how to make them. I also re-size them to my liking. If it's a block made with 2" hst's, I might use 3.5" ones to make the block lots bigger. Can't wait to see how your swoon goes. I hope to get at least one block done this weekend.