Wednesday, July 17, 2013

I don't garden

I don't garden anymore and often claim a brown thumb. But this year I do have 2 large containers on my deck that I've managed to keep alive. One is just decorative plants, but the other container has a lovely tomato plant.  And I got to eat my first ripe tomato yesterday for lunch. YUM!

Those who live in warmer locations probably don't understand how excited we get anticipating those first garden tomatoes - that actually taste like a tomato.

My other picture is the east side of my house which is just covered with huge flowers - some are the size of volleyballs. And as long as I don't do anything beyond watering they seem to thrive every summer. And I'm very surprised that the deer have not bothered these, because they eat everything else in the yard and clean out my bird feeders during their daily trips past these flowers.


  1. Looking at your huge tomatoes makes me realize I WILL be eating mine from the Farmer's Market this summer... next spring I am going to invest in a mini-greenhouse for a head start! Your hydrangeas are gorgeous too.

  2. Wow, the snowball blooms are beautiful and are perfectly happy on the side of your house.

    I gave up gardening about 8 years ago, but I get the "itch" every spring to dig in the dirt.