Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Paper piecing

I've been paper piecing but I can't show you (yet) exactly what I've done.  We are in the final month of our guild's Row Robin project and needed to add a 4.5" row of 12 blocks to the quilt we received.

I've paper pieced this row and here is just a tiny hint of what the owner will find on the first Saturday of September.

Personally - the anticipation is really building and I get really excited thinking about what my quilt will look like once I get it back at that guild meeting. So exciting to think it has passed through the talented hands of 6 other ladies!


  1. I'm sure you're excited to find out what it looks like. Your paper piecing looks great. I love to do it, but don't have any projects started right now that require it.

  2. A fun project - I'm anxious for the big reveal.