Friday, February 7, 2014


One more small UFO to check off my list - the Scarecrow table runner. This little gem is several years old and only needed the hand work finished.  

I know what caused me to set this one aside and it was trying to hand quilt with gold metallic thread. It was looking awful and the thread kept breaking.  So I've removed the little bit of quilting and finished up the rest of the hand stitching needed on this one.  It turned out pretty cute even without the gold quilting I thought it needed.

Lots of tiny black buttons make up his smile. Blanket stitching around the "patches" and that gold fringe - it sheds!  


  1. It is super cute! What a great way to use a unique design. Love it.

  2. He's darling and no doubt will bring happiness to everyone who sees him.

  3. What a fun pattern and good for you with yet another finish!