Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April goals

How ambitious should I be for April? I'm really hoping that spring will arrive and that I can add some golf to my calendar.  But I want to spend some quality time in my sewing room too, so here are a few goals to work on:

  • 3 RSC14 Pig Tail blocks (purple)
  • 2 Saturday Sampler blocks
  • UFO progress - Loralei Golfers - bring to flimsy stage
  • UFO progress - 2 aqua owl pillowcases 


  1. I'm trying not to be too ambitious, but I do have a lot I want to get done this month. Let's hope spring finally arrives.

  2. I want time outside too, but hope to stay on the roll of finishing some more quilts. Luck to all of us in that department:)