Friday, April 4, 2014

Slow progress

Slowly but surely I'm putting together the Loralei Golfers blocks to make a flimsy.  The first 2 rows are set together with narrow sashing and cornerstones, with 2 more rows to go plus the border.

This UFO has been sitting around in various stages for several years.  I bought the fabric panel when it first came out, but then it just sat in my stash.

Last summer I put the bright colored frames around them. But they were still too small (and different sizes) to make a good sized quilt, so they hung on my design wall for quite awhile - waiting for some inspiration.  Finally bought the black confetti fabric and put another frame around them all, making 14" blocks.

This week I bought the pink solid and dug the yellow out of my stash for the sash and cornerstones.  And I bought some border fabric although I'm not sure yet how wide it will be.


  1. You have certainly been crossing items off your UFO list! Good job.

  2. These are so cute. I think you have arrived at a great little quilt!

  3. I have a lot of the Loralie quilt fabric left from my mom's stash. I have already made a quilt for myself using it on the front and back. I have one she made using it on the front and back and still a lot left. I am thinking the BQ4 pattern might work well with it. It just hasn't been a priority yet.

  4. Make me think of spring love the colors and the ladies!!