Sunday, October 9, 2016

Decorating with quilts

It probably goes without saying that most quilters love to decorate with their projects.  I love to display some of my favorite seasonal mini quilts around the house. And right now our big living room fireplace hearth is holding 3 little quilts. 

Harvest Stars is draped by the flower pot of fall flowers where the cheddar is really picked up by the gold in the flowers. On the other side is my little Halloween "boo" mini hanging in the metal stand and sitting on a leaf shaped mini.

On the front door is a quilted witches hat, and scattered about the house are a just a few more fall quilts. Luckily my husband hasn't complained about the decor being too "quilty" - yet. 


  1. Wonderful display of your Fall Quilts. A great way to decorate! And a nice way for you (and others) to be able to enjoy your creations.

  2. How fun to have so many minis to display. The three look fabulous on the hearth.