Thursday, October 6, 2016

Hand quilting tools

I really enjoy hand quilting small projects and that is what I'm doing for the Harvest Stars mini quilt. It's only 14" square so it won't need a ton of stitching to look great.
Notice the white tool laying on the piece. It is a Clover powder stick and is working perfectly for marking the quilting lines on this dark fabric. On light fabrics I use a disappearing purple pen which vanishes in air after a couple of hours.
But the purple wouldn't show up on the black or burgundy, so I am trying this tool that I bought recently.  It has a narrow end with teeny tiny holes so you can draw right in the slots in the design stencil, just like using a pencil. The powder comes out of the holes and leaves a clean line on the fabric.  When done, it brushes away quite nicely. 

I'm marking one small section at a time so that I'm less likely to smudge the lines off.  My quilting frame is a plastic PVC type that is about 10" square.  It's perfect for holding small projects. And it's a good travel size, so I'm planning to take this with me tomorrow when I go to babysit granddaughter Sophia for the day.  She had an umbilical hernia repaired yesterday and can't go back to day care or pre-school until Monday.

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  1. Interesting tools - I don't do a lot of hand-stitching, so I didn't even know these were available.