Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Sewing Christmas gifts

Yesterday was a fun sewing day with an emphasis on making a couple of small Christmas gifts for granddaughter Olivia.  She is a twin and has twin baby dolls that she loves to play "mom and dad" with. So I made her 2 sleeping bags for those dolls. I'm wishing I had added 1 more set of ribbon ties to these but didn't want to take anything apart to add more. Plus I had used up all of that ribbon.

Then I made her a purple pillowcase.  Each of the 5 grandkids is getting a new pillowcase and she requested purple. I think she's like the Kaffe print with the dots.  I already had the other 4 pillowcases done.  The boys are all getting the alligator ones I made a couple of weeks ago, and Sophia's is pink with pastel deer silhouettes.  She loves animals so I think that will be a winner.


  1. The doll sleeping bags are adorable! Olivia will love them and her pillowcase.

  2. aren't these just adorable?? I spy with my little eye some scotties... love that fabric so much