Friday, June 23, 2017

Simple panel projects

Panels are hard to resist when I see them in the shops, even though I haven't been very quick to actually use them in a quilt.  A panel sometimes contains just the perfect artwork a person wants to see. And this one spoke to me. I loved the colors and the subject matter.  I decided that I really just wanted to frame this in a simple manner, so I didn't even use everything that came in the kit with the panel.  Oops - that leaves fabric in my stash, doesn't it? 

This was a new panel, but in recent months I've been playing with panels purchased in the past.  And I've been exploring some other ideas for panels I have still in the stash. 
Three of the finished ones are pictured here.  The bright one with the tree is a lap quilt that has a pieced border. It's all quilted and ready to be gifted.
This cute ABC panel has one simple striped border added.  It still needs to be quilted but will probably wait until I need it as a gift.

The Crazy Cats panel was cut into sections and reassembled with strip sets and 9-patch blocks. I love this one. Granddaughter Olivia chose this one as part of her recent birthday gift. 


  1. I am not a panel person, but I bought one today! It's a beautiful butterfly panel and I have a niece who LOVES butterflies. Now to figure out what borders to add!

  2. I love panels too. I just bought a couple The Secret Life of Pets ones to make little boy and girl quilts.

  3. I have lots of panels too. I like what you did with yours.

  4. These are all very lovely. You certainly have a knack for using the panels in a setting that shows them off!