Monday, November 23, 2009

Red shoes & roller derby

It has been over a week without any sewing. However, on Saturday I went with Laura to her dress fitting, went with my husband to be measured for his wedding suit, shopped for bridesmaid's gifts, bought some red shoes, and went to roller derby.

Actually I was hoping to find a dress that I like better than what I already bought. But either the dresses were long, full of too many beads and baubles, or didn't come in "short and fat". So discouraging. But I did let Laura talk me into buying these red shoes to go with the black dress/red jacket. Payless for $28 - so I'm not out a ton of money if I decide they are just too uncomfortable.
Following the shopping hubbie and I stopped to visit some friends before heading to roller derby. The Sioux Falls Roller Dollz beat (whupped, stomped) the Rushmore Rollerz. Laura was glad her dad finally got to see her skate.


  1. I love your new red shoes. Can you post a photo of you when you go out on the town in those cute shoes? Delightful!


  2. I so know the feeling of looking for the right dress and being "short and chubby". My son Chris got married 3 years ago and surprising I did find something I liked and it even had some sparkles -- and I never wear sparkles.

    Now it looks like Adam will be getting married but with a baby on the way, I'm expecting a quiet family wedding so hopefully there won't be a lot of pressure to find the right dress.