Sunday, May 29, 2011

Family heirlooms & vintage fabric

Yesterday I delivered a family heirloom to my oldest daughter to use for her first baby. It's a cradle, hand made in 1954 by my uncle Doug (my mother's brother) as a baby gift for my parents on the occasion of my birth. It's a beautiful cradle and I can't wait to see my grandchildren sleeping in it.

Both of my girls slept in that cradle for the first couple of months of their lives. And now my first grandchild will sleep in that cradle too. And hopefully it will go to my other daughter's home some day too.

The original mattress was wrapped in this cute quilted fabric. The mystery for me is this - was this fabric from 1954 and put there by my mother? Or was this fabric from 1981 and put there by my mother when she gave the cradle to me for my first baby? Anyone have any ideas on the age of this fabric?

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